Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Monday!!

We had quite an eventful weekend that kicked off with one of our newish favorite traditions, setting up our tree on Black Friday. Our gaggle LOVES everything about this time of year, so we wasted no time getting the party started.

Even after Joshy bobby worked Friday and Saturday, he still came home and put lights up outside. Be still my heart, I love that man.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing and thoughtful man/dad in our lives.

Did anyone snap up any amazing deals? We were lucky enough to find most items online vs. fighting the stores. Including a dyson {I promise I'll stop talking about wanting one}. I also snagged a few other things that can't be mentioned at the moment for fear of spoiling Christmas gifts. Speaking of, I'm way behind this year, it's bad. By now I'm typically done and starting to wrap. Dang it! I did however get shipping notification on our family Christmas cards. Can't wait to get those babies and send them out.

Ecstatic to say painting is commencing today on Kage's room!! Hello progress. How I've missed you.

How was your weekend? What items had you venturing out into the shopping madness?

xo. Patience

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  1. Oh I so want to decorate my tree soon! I usually do it the first weekend of December but busy this weekend so not sure when I'm going to find the time! Jealous your home already looks so lovely and festive! And HELL YEAH to the Dyson! Woohoo! Do ya love it? ;) xxx



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