Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm fighting off a horrible case of the gimme's at the moment.  I'm not sure if its all due to the fact I've been planning our family Christmas in my head for so long {I'm not the only one, right?}, or if its just way over due that we add a few new things to our home and wardrobes.
Every year, Joshy Bobby's parents give our gaggle a new set of jammies to wear on Christmas Eve, and they typically wear them all day on Christmas.  We like to keep is cash.  So last year, Josh and I decided we wanted to join in on the fun.  Who doesn't want to wear cute jammies all day?  And we happened to host, and deemed it a pajama party for all that wanted to participate.  {super original, I know}
This year, I'm hoping to wear one, or both of these if I happen to make a mess of myself as I did last year while cooking.
Xhilaration® Junior's Pajama Set - White
Can you believe both of those are from Target?  They just keep getting better and better.
Last year was the first year since Josh Bobby and I got together, that we didn't send out holiday cards.  Not sure what our deal was, but it just didn't happen.  So this year, I'm already on the hunt.  I'm having a hard time choosing from these 5 {yes 5}.  What are your thoughts?  Help me!
I've been dying to add some new glasses to every festive dinner party....and these ones from West Elm more than fit the bill.
1 /  / 3 / 4 
And because I'm super practical....and because we have new floors, I'd love to have a Dyson ball.  Dead serious.  I'm trying to save as much time possible on sucky chores and get back to watching my kiddos at football, gymnastics and the park.  But I can't stand debris on the floor.  Yuck.  And lets be real here, with my gaggle, theres bound to be a mess 24/7.
I've been in a booties craze {get your head out of the gutter}, I am in desperate need of these.
Did I just go a little Veruca Salt on you?  My bad loves.  Dialing it back.
Whats on your wish list?  I know mine could go on for days....this is just a tiny little snap shot.  I think I know where my gaggle gets it from.  Yikes!
xo.  Patience
P.S.  In the holiday spirit of giving, if you're looking for a cause to support, my hubby is currently in "MDA lock up".  He's proud to be "behind bars" to help in the fight against muscle disease.  Please check out his page and support the Muscular Dystrophy Association!!!


  1. Great. Now I want gold dotty pj's, cute Xmas cards, those amazing glasses and leopard print boots. Damn you. I already have a Dyson and if you don't, honest to god, get it. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Ok, maybe not but it'll make vacuuming much more pleasureable ;)


  2. I just need to get myself back to Target and bite the bullet on the polka dot pjs, they are just too cute to pass up! And I've been a lame-o on Christmas cards for the past, oh, THREE YEARS. Wow, I'm now embarrassed to have admitted that. However, I think I can fix my embarrassment by picking up those leopard Sam Edelmans...yep, positive that will fix it (c:



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