Friday, December 7, 2012

5 things...

1. Our biggest child turned 12 on Tuesday. I'm still in complete denial, even with his constant reminders of: "one more year until I'm 13!!!!" We surprised him with a party at a place near us, they played laser tag, ate pizza and cupcakes and a million video games. That was followed up with s'mores at home and some good old fashion BB gun shooting {yikes}. JB may have earned the title as coolest dad ever after his BB gun performance.
{his breakfast choice}

2. I was messaging with one of my fav girls, Ange, and she brought up that I haven't shown any progress on Kage's room #projectequestriannauticalvoyager. Good point....I haven't...mostly due to the fact this is what it looks like and its guarded by a pirate....however, the new rug is in and it's perfect.

3. The sunrise and sunsets have been so gorgeously romantical this week. Love sharing them with Joshy Bobby.

4. That's right is the day! LA here I come. My babe-a-licious girlfriend has planned an amazing weekend for us that will def make me missing my gaggle easier. You can follow along on Instagram.

5. This time of year is so magical. I love waking up to a lit up tree. If only we could incorporate one year round? Too much? Would it lose that magical feeling?

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

xo. Patience


  1. Happy Birthday! The rug looks fab and so does his room. ;) Looks like the rooms at our home most days too. Have fun this weekend hon! Love ya!

  2. Hope you are having a fabulous time in LA! I could use a little sunshine and warmth - god it's been COLD here!! Love the rug and your little pirate, so cute! xxx

  3. I totally can't believe your little man is *TWELVE*!!! I'm totally dreading the day that mine is a's just too scary! Hope you had a blast in L.A., the pictures looked *insanely* I'm gonna assume that's a yes (c;



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