Friday, December 21, 2012

5 things....

1. Yesterday was Polar Express day at our house for Kage and his friends. Let me tell you, it was a blast!!! We wore pj's, drank hot chocolate, watched the movie twice and even made some ornaments.
2. JB's dad has been the biggest help ever when it comes to getting our new baseboard installed. I kid you not, I witnessed his surgeon like skills while tackling some of our ridiculous angles. Pure magic. And to top it off, he is also teaching Andre, who was beyond excited to help {mostly to use the nail gun}. Thank you Gpa!!!
3. I tried gel polish for the first time while in LA....I'm pretty sure it's not for me. I just can't commit to one polish longer than 3-5 days. Not to mention the grow out drove me nuts. So bad, that at approximately 8:30pm last night, I was googling how to remove it and was able to successfully get it off. Thank god. Joshy Bobby told me I looked like Edward scissor hands....

4. Trader are the best. These crackers were my go to snack this week...I may have eaten a whole box in one day.

5. Merry Christmas loves! From my family to yours. This is definitely the most magical time of the year. Take a moment to really let it sink in and enjoy. I'll be back sometime next week.

xo. Patience


  1. We need to get our baseboards redone. And I will be visiting family in LA soon! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season! -Jessica L

  2. The floors are looking beautiful! I love that shot of all the little ones in their pjs - so stinkin cute :)

    Have a fabulous, happy, healthy and wonderful Christmas my darling! Sending much love across the miles xxx



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