Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holidays, 2012 recap, and 2013 plans!!!

The title pretty much sums up how things have been, all over the place, yet still perfectly amazing.

We had a fantastic Christmas with our gaggle and for the first year, stayed home with out hosting a big celebration at our house on Christmas. We did however have some friends and family over on Christmas Eve {one of my favorite traditions}. In case you missed the pics on Instagram, here are a few.
{my fav gift, Jennifer Zuener necklace}
2012. Where do we start?

Some of our Washington family visited for spring break. We hung out in Tombstone and Tucson.

I guess mid year is when it really kicked off with my bachelorette party in Vegas.

My brother came to AZ.

Of course then there was our wedding. Super cheese ball, but it was such a magical day....professing our love, sharing and being surrounded by our family and friends. I promise I'll share more in the future.

We had new floors installed in our home and the exterior painted. {1.5 things down, approximately 763 to go, but who's counting?}

I got bangs....

My dad and step mom came to AZ again and then JB and I went to Cabo!!!

CABO!! I had to say it again, it was that good. However, they neglected to stamp my it's like I never went. :/ Maybe we need to go twice this year to make up for it?

Andre's football season.
Maddie and Liv in gymnastics.

And Kage just being plain adorbs.

LA vacay to see my bestie!!

I have to say, 2012, you were really good to me. And the world didn't end, thankfully. Cause I'm not ready to be done yet. There is still so much I want to see and experience.

In regards to 2013, it's already been the shizz. I'm so thankful for the time we had together to really kick off the new year. {Josh had 4 days off in a row....that hasn't happened since Cabo and our wedding}

I'm not big on resolutions, but I am super into continuing certain things/behaviors and improving on others.

1. Such as, family time. We tried really hard last year to make weekly traditions in our home and really make the time together count {i.e. no phones, kindles etc.}, instead playing games, watching movies, going to the park and other outings. This year we'll step our game up with more family trips. {hopefully those include San Diego/LA/Disneyland, Cabo and of course good 'ol Washington to see friends and fam.

2. To piggyback off of #1, more alone time with Joshy Bobby....consistent date nights in or out, weekends away and tackling more home projects together.

3. Speaking of home projects...I have a list about a mile long. Thinking I'll need to create a separate page to truly hold myself accountable to finishing things. You see, I'm more of a project binger....I'll churn out a million back to back and then radio silence. That's me. This year I plan on improving on that by planning out projects monthly and reaping the benefits of the jazziness. It's also my creative outlet, similar to this blog. Something that I really have been meaning to commit more time to, as I do love it and am so thankful for you reading it. {does that count as 2?}

4. Girl time/me time. It's been almost non existent the last few years. This year, there will be more brunches, shopping excursions, and pampering time. It's a must. {and of course JB will need to go on man dates and do other man stuff}

I think that's it for now. Wishing you the best year yet!!

xo. Patience



  1. Looks like a seriously fabulous year my darling! A very happy New Year to you and your family xxx

  2. I think I need to just ditto your whole list...the no phones/electronics rule is such a good idea!!! I think sometimes we are just so tired that we just kinda watch a show together and periodically check our phones...but that really isn't time together, now is it??? (c; We should do some girl time together! I for sure need it, too (especially with the whole BAR prep thing, it suuuuuuuucks...)!



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