Monday, June 17, 2013

Scenes from our weekend...

Our weekend was the jam. It was packed with fun activities and celebrations.

Our baby turned 3. We celebrated with his first soccer practice and a circus themed birthday party {more pics to follow in the next few days, when I actually recover}. 

According to JB, he's the best kid out there and the youngest. So humble, I know. Shockingly, he was pretty good at  shooting and kicking. 

After a packed Saturday, it was really nice to keep it low key and celebrate all JB does for us. We spent a ton of family time together, finished up with the Dark knight rises, and burgers from Five guys. I didn't even have to cook. 

We consider ourselves pretty lucky for that guy. 

And what weekend is complete with out sneaking off to Homegoods?  Can you guess which of these I came home with?

xo. Patience

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