Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home offices to delight your palate....

Since moving into our home a year ago....there is still one room I haven't given enough time to create and enjoy.  That would be our home office.  Hard to believe, especially with a whole room available to house one, that I haven't jumped in with both feet.  A few things have been holding me back, such as, it's the only available room for guests, what if a family member or friend come live with us until they find a place....sorry excuses, I know.  I'm shamed.  So, for 2011, starting this month, I'm going to bite the bullet, get it together, and create a delicious office space with possible room for a guest to stay overnight.

I know we have seen this specific picture on about a thousand sites, but I can't help myself.  There is something about it I just love and have for like ever.  From the west elm desk to the fabulous lamp, I can't get enough.

Colorful Home Office

One thing I will need a lot of, is shelving and storage.  I have entertained the idea of Ikea shelves just like these, but hadn't decided on stand alone or mounting on the wall.

I find the decorative storage boxes and hanging lamp intriguing.  What better way to save precious space on your desk, than to not have a lamp taking over?  Plus, the cute little boxes can hide any unsightly paperwork or items you don't want spread out for everyone to see.

Small space?  Available closet?  I envy this adorable closet office.  Not only can it easily be tucked away while there is company present, but it is a perfect for all kinds of storage cabinets and doesn't take up a whole room.

The beautiful clean modern lines of this office space has me thinking minimalistic.  Just the essentials, clean and organized.  Thinking of myself, I always have 10 projects going at a time....not sure there is enough storage for any of it, but I find this photo enticing nonetheless.  Maybe some cabinets on the left side would work. 

The Ledge by Urbancase

Modern scrumptious design has me loving everything about this photo.  For smaller offices, a mounted desk has the appearance of more space, not to mention when work time is over, you can slide the laptop shelf right back in.

One of my favorite items for any room, is a collage of picture frames.  Whether they are similar or different shapes, colors, or sizes, I just can't get enough of them.  The color palate of wood and white with surprise pops of black leave me wanting more.  I may have just found my dream office.

Since I need options for overnight guests, when I saw this photo I had to include it!  With a built in desk and plenty of book storage to boot, this office has me drooling.

Slick Vertical Workstation, Great Overhead Lamps

Chalkboard paint above the desk?  Don't mind if I do!

One thing that is a must for my office space, is storage, and plenty of it.  These kitchen sets from Ikea are an innovative and original idea for all your little items, such as the thousands of buttons I seem to keep collecting and can't bare to get rid of.

I will be sure to take plenty of before and after pictures of my office.  It's going to be an adventure, as I hunt down and collect all the perfect pieces for my dream home office.



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