Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gray kitchen cabs part 2:

You may remember my post from last week....we painted the lower half of our cabinets...well over the weekend, we were busy little bees tackling the top half.

Here are some before pictures, so long ugly cabinets:

Here are just 2 pics I quickly snapped, still a bunch of touch up to be done...and I have to paint the underneath...can't stand how they look without being white.  But all and all, a very successful and cost effective Kitchen makeover!!!




  1. Woo hoo! A million times better. They are nice cabinets to begin with, now they are much better. I'm anxious to see the whole thing put together.

    I've been considering painting my lower cabinets to match the tile on my floor (a slate grey) and once I see yours all done, I may go for it. But only if I get a sprayer :)

    Is it possible to make your photos a little larger?

  2. Thank you so much!! We are so in love with how it turned out. Now that I have seen your kitchen :), I think it would look amazing painted a slate color!! I will upload some bigger and better pics just for you!




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