Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can't believe I found these!!!

Yes, I'm serious....I found these beauties on CL while randomly trolling for treasures  I was posting our platform bed.

image 2312580449-0

You just might remember me mentioning a bedroom redo here, here and here, evidently I can't commit to one room at a time, but I had decided to hold back until we finished the kitchen and office aka multipurpose room.  When I came across these, there was no way I could just ignore seeing them all together.  Thank god Josh said yes!!!

 Now that they are in my overly ecstatic claws...I just have to decide on a color....thinking white or maybe aqua.....thoughts?  Btw, that is like a fake marble thing on top, I'm thinking it should be ripped out and replace with a mirror....or painted silver?

Ok, now back to finish some other projects so I can finally start on the master!!!!



P.S.  here is a snap shot of the to-do (in no particular order) list before I can actually move on...darn

build and paint shelving (lots of shelving)
unpack books and shelving items
find perfect lamp
rip out carpet/install wood flooring

touch up paint
finish putting knobs on
decide on counter tops
order/install counter tops
add mouldings
back splash
find amazing pantry door

living room:
install wood flooring
mount tv on wall
hang ceramic animal heads
move around furniture
new lamps

take old picture frames down
take shelf down
move abnormally large and heaving mirror upstairs
move buffet in
find and organize a million frames and pics for putting up
maybe paint?

I'm going to stop myself there....its already a little intimidating, but always a barrel of monkeys, which I obviously enjoy. 

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  1. Thanks for your nice comment on our blog!!

    Good luck with your to-do list...they are never ending!!



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