Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday!!!!

While getting a pedi yesterday with a few girlfriends, I came across this mag:

Since our fam is all about babies right now (5 have been born in less than 2 years on Josh's side), I immediately flipped to Christina Applegate's pics and what did I find?  Fab pics of her nursery!!!

Looking to recreate this gem of a nursery?  Its a lot easier than you think.....if its within your budget that is.

1- Blabla Suzette the Fox, Bandit the Racoon, and Sandwich the Cat from blabla kids- $46 each



*Update* It was brought to my attention the link giving wasn't working (evidently I'm technology challenged at times), please accept my sincerest apologies!  I can definitely not take credit for the image above.  You can see where it came from here.  And while you there, you should definitely follow, Esther has impeccable taste!


  1. Thanks for the update. I appreciate that.

  2. Thanks so much Patience. Both for the update and the compliments.



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