Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I wants....Thursday

What better day to share what I wants, than on a Thursday?  It can't be just lil' ol' me that has an ever growing list of items that are desperately needed for the abode....right?

I don't think you understand my serious obsession with....gasp....Le settee....I.  NEED.  ONE.

Whats a girl to do?  Stalk CL till I find one for Joshy Bobby to picking it up.  Persuading will definitely need to take I've been on CL restriction.

Also on my list is a buffet with either glass or mirrored doors.  So many I can I pick just one?

Cobblestone Buffet/Console Cabinet

Nantucket Reclaimed Wood Buffet

Those are 2 things I can't get enough of right now.....what is on your current "want" list?




  1. I'm right there with you....I'm addicted, someone help me!



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