Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Friday?

I's not Wednesday...but I am way too excited to have 2 of my very best girlfriends in town from Cali tonight....cause tomorrow is dress shopping extravaganza day!  In addition to them, a few in town girlfriends will be attending, including Cerita and future cousins Kelli (from Bud & Leo) & Mindy (you saw her here), YAY!  Seriously can't wait.  Be prepared to be bombarded with pics from the affair next week.

Also...I'm thinking about starting another series...I've seen it on a few other blogs, (so I definitely can't take credit for coming up with it) Tuesday at home...what do you think?  Catchy?  Anyhoooo, it will basically be an update on projects that I'm working on...hopefully weekly they will be done, but then again with 4+ children running around..who knows.  :)

Here is a preview of what I'll be working on.

Not bad for a $15 CL find (I have been wanting an octagon coffee table for like ever)....aka, the last thing I'm allowed to purchase off CL until some of my other projects are completed....its ok, glad someone (Joshy Bobby) can bring me back to reality from my excited squeals whilst searching.



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