Monday, January 16, 2012

weekend photos

Boy has it been a fun weekend.  I almost can't believe we were so lucky to have all this family time.  On Saturday, we started out with Andre's game (including Nana and Gpa).  Then Nana and Gpa took the big kids back for a slumber party, while we took Kage to the neighbors for football and tacos.  Sunday we went to pick up the big kids, ate a delish family meal, watched some football, and Joshy Bobby and I got to have a movie date (Thanks Nana & Gpa!!!).  We saw Sherlock Holmes, it was spectac.  Monday we had a zoo extravaganza and are officially zoo members.  Pretty excited about it, since there was no way for us to actually see everything in one shot.  On a side note, I pretty much didn't work on any of the 198 projects I currently have going.  There's always tomorrow, right?

Get ready for family pic overload....if thats not your thing, tune in tomorrow for some updated entry pics.

Kage loves black beans.

Captain for the day with his bff. 

horrible lighting, but was really cool. 

Its impossible to get them all to look at the same time. 

This was about the best we could get of all of us together. 

We fed giraffes!! 

Hung out with the ninja turtles. 

I couldn't get over this spot.  The bright colors were so gorgeous.  Flamingo pink. 



P.S.  I didn't come across the koala I promised to steal see she has these amazing built-ins in progress, and I'm trying to bribe her into building me some.  Me wants them!

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  1. Looks like a brilliantly fun weekend and yes, sometimes the projects need to take a backseat to family and fun ;) xxx



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