Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday at my home...

There have been some small updates in our entry way.....thought it was about time to share those.  Especially since we finally have an amazing camera (to us).  Please tell me you are way impressed with the picture quality, compared to my embarrassing iPhone pics.  Or at least make me feel better and say they are....mmmkay?

Since Joshy Bobby and I suck have a hard time locating keys, these fab clearanced hooks from Anthro were a no brainer in my book.

Spotted this GW mirror for 25 cents....yahtzee!

I also added 2 mirrors all the way to the left (long skinny rectangle and top chunkier rectangle, fab description, right?)

The old dresser ended up finding its way into our eldest sons room, which leaves only 3 rooms in the house it hasn't lived in yet.  It was replaced with this fab textured 4 drawer console type thing from ZGallerie (that we've had forever).

I love how this turned out....but, sometimes I feel like the left side belongs in a bathroom.  Thoughts?

We scooped up these lockers prob almost a year ago....couldn't decide if I should paint them or leave them as is, so a few months ago, we decided to just try them out.  So far, they are so ridiculously useful for our 3 school age kids, I'm kicking myself for not moving them in immegiately.

You can check out the other entry way pictures here.  Trust me, its not pretty.

before                                    after



*all photos taken by Patience


  1. i love those hooks and stripes! and loooove the lockers!

  2. Beautiful update! Now I'm wishing I had lockers in my entry. I bet they are SO useful!

  3. Lockers, what a great score! I never find stuff like that!

  4. Love the new entry! It's even prettier in person! Loves...

  5. Love the little bird and the bowl!! I wonder if you are thinking 'bathroom' because of the smellies? Everything looks great :)

    I know the feeling of a new camera - I am SO grateful to my OH for buying me a new one for Christmas last year, I honestly think my blogging wouldn't have lasted without it. That said, I still rely on a load of natural light and never use the flash as it washes out the images! xxx

  6. LOVE the lockers! And the entryway looks great! How about if ya scatter some river rocks or pinecones in the tray....more rustic-ish and less sterile (bathroom like?). I am always a more is more girl!!



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