Friday, April 6, 2012

5 things....

It's Friday already? How can that be?  I haven't nearly crossed enough off of my to-do list for the week. Shoot, I'm not one to complain though.  This weekend is going to be crazy busy with tons of fun stuff going on. My Niece's first birthday, some shopping and of course Easter!!

1.  Have you see these sweet matchbooks from design darling?  Just ordered the pink leopard.  Smitten.  I'm also drooling over the flamingos too!

Leopard Matches

2.  Last weekend, we had another opportunity to sneak off for a double date.  Really starting to get used to this.  Thank goodness for Nana and Gpa (Joshy Bobby's parents), or we might not have been able to.  We kept is casual with dinner and Hunger games with my bestie and her hubs.  Perfect evening.

3.  Maddie had a concert with her 4th grade class.  She has mad skills on a recorder.  So proud.

4.  We are almost 100% sure on a flooring option.  Super excited to get this gross tile/linoleum/carpet out of our home and have gorg wood instead.  Thanks to Kelly for some key advice, I might not have been able to do it with out her!

5.  With Kage turning 2 in 2.5 months {yikes}, I thought it might be fun to wear some big boy super hero underwear.  Although he only had them on for about 30 mins, he did sit on the toilet 3 times {no potty though yet}, before peeing on the floor.  Regardless, it was adorbs and one day, he will be out of dipes.  Can't wait to spend that money on more matches {kidding, kind of}.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xx.  Patience


  1. Such a tease about the flooring decision! What'd you pick what'd you pick what'd you pick?!!

  2. Thanks for "liking" my appreciation!
    Kage has grown soooo much! Nice floor choices.

  3. Oooh so excited about the new flooring! Can't wait to see what you decided on. It makes SUCH a difference and it's on my MUST HAPPEN THIS YEAR list for our own downstairs flooring in the hall and dining room.

    Hope you are having a smashing Easter hunny xxx

    PS Baby butts are so flippin cute!! The story made me LOL ;) xxx



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