Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend photos

Wow! What a fantastically magical weekend!! First on Saturday we went to a cousins 1st birthday party. They had a blast running around with all their cousins and the food was the bomb. Check out those delish strawberries {you wouldn't know I'm trying to get into wedding shape by how many of those tasty treats I devoured}. Kage was obsessed with pushing around a stroller.  Happy 1st birthday today sweet Audrina!! We love you tons!!

Then came Easter, let me tell you, I almost cancelled it. There was a brief moment of extreme bratty-ness from our big kids. Thank goodness that subsided and we were able to enjoy ourselves.

Andre had a really hard time finding his basket, made us laugh. He finally located it, inside the BBQ. During the egg hunt, Kage decided it was easier to take Maddie's than find his own. Smart, right?

All in all, it was amazing weekend, filled with tons of family, friends and fun. Extremely thankful. How was your weekend?

Xx. Patience


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! The bbq, that is too funny, poor Andre! We had a fun but busy weekend as well.

  2. What a fabulous weekend! Ours was blighted by rain unfortunately and a hangover that lasted 2 days (oooh I'm not as young as I used to be)!! lol

    Love the pics, you have such a lovely looking family! xxx



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