Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wedding wednesday....

If you follow me on facebook, you know I was up before the sun on Sunday...thankfully I was productive and officially have our invites ordered and updated our wedding site.  Love getting stuff done so early in the day.  Call me crazy, but I feel like I have to accomplish/complete something each day to feel "successful". 

This is the photo I used in the invite...Thanks to Tina for mirroring the pic for me!!

I can't get enough of these next photos and am determined to do something similar for our special day.  How on point is that heart pallet with the name and date?  NEED it, real bad.

Pinned Image

You know this girl loves sweets and how fun would a smores bar be?

Pinned Image

This picture is pure magic and is right along the lines of what I'm looking for.

Pinned Image

This makes me want to get married in the snow or at least have a photo shoot in our wedding attire...

Pinned Image

On a side bachelorette party is in less than 2 months!!  Pretty much ecstatic for girl time, which includes laying out, shopping, spa celebration, and of course dancing!!  Special thanks to Cerita for planning it!  Vegas here we come, circa 2004!!

xx.  Patience

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  1. How exciting!!! No doubt your wedding is going to be rather fabulous! I love the picture, you both look gorg :) xxx



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