Friday, May 25, 2012

5 things...

I'm starting to feel like rain man.....but every week is flying by. If only time would slow down on the weekends.  This weekend will be busy as usual, it kicks off tonight with Birthday dinner for Joshy Bobby's bff, today is Joshy Bobby's sister's birthday {Happy birthday sweet Auggie!!}, tomorrow I finally get to meet a blogger friend, Aubrey {super excited!!!} and attend our cousin's 3rd birthday {her mama could fit in with the Spelling clan on her elaborate amazing party throwing skills}.  If that's not enough to squeeze into 24 hours, a girlfriend and her hubby will be in town {so we might be going out dancing Saturday night!!!}, Sunday after recovery we wants to hit up some sales {!!}, and Monday, if my dreams could really come true, we would sleep in and play with the gaggle all day.  They don't know it yet, but we plan on forcing the neighbors to come over for pool play, bbq and pink champagne {mostly for us mamas, right Janice?}.  What are your plans?

1.  Cake pops....breakfast of champions.  Made my day.  Thanks to my fabulous friend Drea!!  Love you!

2.  Wednesday, Joshy Bobby and I spent all day at the kiddos school.  We got to surprise them with Mcdonalds lunch {gross, I know} and watch them receive their awards.  We are ridiculously proud to say they were on honor roll all year long and received medallions!!!

Kage spend most of the 3 assemblies like this....or in his dad's arms.

3.  I can't believe in just 1 week, I will be with my besties {missing just a few of them and my sister}shopping, dancing and laying poolside!  Can't wait for this girl time!!!  Had to share this throw back pic...circa 2006 or 2007?  Yes, we were that cool that we went out dancing last minute in the freezing Seattle weather in hoodies.  Dead serious.  Who does that?

4.  Speaking of Vegas......Get in my closet!  These L.a.m.b. sandals are on the way...ETA today!!!

5.  Joshy Bobby's parents just celebrated their 30TH wedding anni on Tuesday.  Huge right?  They went to Flemings....our personal fav.  We are so thankful for the example they set as not only great people, but what it takes to truly be committed in marriage.  We love you Nana & Gpa!!!  Here's to 30+ more years!!!



P.S.  I'll be in Washington the first 2 weeks in July to get hitched...anyone interested in a guest post to help a sister out?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely (but busy!) week! Oooh and those shoes... dear god they are sexy. xxx



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