Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend photos

Seriously just had the best weekend to date this year. Not only did we celebrate Joshy Bobby's bff's birthday 4 days straight, I got to meet Aubrey from All things bright and beautiful and had friends in town. Seriously couldn't have been better.

Aubrey has to be the sweetest person ever, can't wait for all the shopping and crafting we can accomplish together. We met up to chat while our littles played.  And, her kids are super adorbs {like steal them and add them to my gaggle, that cute}. I'm pretty sure she's my best friend already. :)

There also was a little cousin's bday party...{some how Kage managed to delete most of those pics on my phone :/  he's so talented}  The gaggle had a blast jumping and eating all the delish food.  Speaking of delish food....not sure how its possible, but I gained 5 lb's in 4 days.  That's all bad for my Vegas trip in just 3 days.  Yikes!

After the bottles of wine at the birthday dinners, bottle service and dancing, and home made sangria.....I have to admit I'm a tiny bit exhausted still. I def can't hang like I used to, but boy was it sooooo worth it.

Homemade sangria....yum.

Our gaggle's virgin sangria.  They like to be fancy too.

{the ladies}

{the fellas}
{the besties}

How was your weekend loves?




  1. So fun! you and aubrey are both adorable!!!!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from Aubrey's blog. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend.

  3. Hi popping on over from Aubrey's blog. So cool you both got to meet in person. You girls look great :)

  4. I spy the C&C maxi dress we both ordered! Looks great on you! and I heart Aubrey in a major way!

  5. Ahh, you met Aubs! Sweet!! I so missed meeting you two. I kind of dropped off with following yours and her blogs (and so many others) due to the move - I'm now re-gathering blogs on facebook as that seems to be easiest for me to keep up on any level. Is Aubrey on FB? Couldn't find her, but got you added!



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