Friday, September 14, 2012

5 things...

I'm starting to feel like the weeks are just flying by, before we know it, my birth month will be upon us, then thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

1. You may remember me mentioning attending the Seahawks/Cards game on Sunday. It was a blast!!! We kicked the day off tailgating. Delish tacos courtesy of my hubby. So good to have my brother in town. I'm trying to tell myself he's not leaving tomorrow.
{yes, this is a 12th man flag cape}
He really did have fun, I promise.

2. In just a few days, Olivia will be 9 years old. Happy Birthday Livi Lou!!!  We love you!!!  This can't possibly be true, how did this happen so fast?! We celebrate tonight with her friends from school with another sleep over!!! Wish us luck!

3. Every now and then, it's nice to have a little mommy time. Even if it's just enough time to get a fresh coat of polish on and flip through a few pages of a new book. {cupcakes and cashmere}
4. Maddie and Andre thought it would be funny to start trying on all my jewelry. I had to snap this before they pretended to be embarrassed.

5. With football season for our oldest in full swing, we have been spending a few evenings a week at the park while he practices. The kids have been eating up all that time, even with it still hovering around 100. Yikes. Kage especially has fun playing basketball/soccer/football. I'm pretty sure he ran uncle Nyan ragged.


On a side note I just want to say how truly grateful I am for everything on our lives right now. Amazing family, friends and special moments. I would be lost without those things. Also, special thank you and a huge hug to my new and existing followers. Your comments and support is so encouraging.



  1. Thanks for sharing your life with us :)There is NO way that Livi is going to be 9!!! Where has the time gone and the lil baby we use hold? She is truely growing up to be a beautiful lil girl inside and out (good job mom & dad). Tell my future son in law that his new hair style looks awesome. Maddi looks like she is saying "You bet some day I am going to have a real ring this size" Kiss the kids for me! Miss ya lots and can't wait to be there. Move over Betty's coming!!

  2. The pic with you and Joshy made me LOL - you are rocking those bangs sweetheart! Such a sweet life, no wonder you are grateful :) xxx

  3. Gurl...*loving* the new bangs! I've been going back and forth on getting me some for about a year and a half...aaaannnnddd...I still haven't come to a decision! Yours look awesome! Don't you love it when the man insists on taking those "I'm not really having a good time now that you're taking a picture" picture? (c; I can't believe Andre's hair! This is the first time I've seen the new 'do...definitely a change!!! So cute though (c:



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