Monday, May 20, 2013

the mondays

Let me just start by saying....we finished up the last 2 projects this weekend with our bigs!!  Beyond excited. One being this fab float of Minnesota. 

The other being on PowerPoint. But I'll share this pic from the wax museum. 

She was so excited and knew her speech like the back of her hand. 

With 4 days left of school, this mama couldn't be more excited. You'd think I was graduation high school, won the Super Bowl or a great find at home goods. 

In other news, the yardsale went pretty well, I haven't had one since I was prob 18/19. Mimosas def made the experience more enjoyable. 

Well that and our sons being sign spinners to draw attention. 

I knew that Halloween mask would come in handy. 

Lastly, Sara from a dose of pretty is working on some design goodness for me. She is the sweetest ever and I'm so excited for the big reveal!  Lets hope I'm not too annoying with my little tweaks here and there. 

Make it an amazing Monday!!

xo. Patience

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