Monday, June 3, 2013

Scenes from our week{end}

After 10 days of vacay with JB, sadly he returned to work this morning. Thankfully we were able to make the most of that time with a trip to San Diego, tons of pool time and a trip to our local zoo. If you thought after seaworld, we'd be all animal'd out, you thought wrong. We also managed to finish painting our eat in kitchen and the entry way...only a few months in the making, but who's counting? I promise I'll share some pics of those updates soon.  

I'll try to not bore you with a thousand pics. Here's some favs. 

In other news, Tina shared yet another sneak peek....I can't take it. That little just melts my heart. 

Lastly, before I go play outside with the kids....

I promised myself I wouldn't make fun of Kim K....but a girlfriend sent this to me...I'm beyond disturbed. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone is being so mean to her throughout her whole pregnancy, but come on, Kim, don't give them ammo. You're too gorgeous for all that. I totally remember my feet swelling to extremes with my last was the worst and super uncomfortable. Just. Stop. 

xx. Patience

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