Thursday, May 30, 2013


Before we get down to my Veruca Salt list of wants, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of our family photos....Tina snapped these last night, and by some miracle already had 2 ready to share {after flying home to WA, from AZ, she's obvi Wonder Woman!}

{whispering sweet nothings making me laugh so hard, that I'm positive most of the pics are unusable, no joke}

She somehow manages to help my family come alive in front of a camera. Even Kage, who plays hard to get with anyone but JB and I. Desperately wishing she would move to AZ and take family photos almost monthly. I feel like maybe that would help slow my kiddos growing, at the risk of sound cliche, it's all going way too fast. Ugh. We're trying to just enjoy every free second with them. 

I got through phases, prob like most of you lovely gals. Sometimes there is no end in sight to things I'm drooling over, and other times, I can't seem to find one thing I can't live without. This is not one of those times. I have a hardcore case of the gimme's. In fact, I prob could change the whole idea of this blog by posting daily things I would love to have on my body, in my home, yard or vacays. It's bad. 

First up....
this Samudra Rocky Point Pouch is a must have.  After coming back from San Diego....I'm dying for a little beach in my daily life.  Not to mention, whilst packing for said vacay, I realized none of my makeup/toiletries bags are even close to large enough.  This one fits the bill.  I also want the Samudra Coco Palms Pouch and Samudra Flamingos Pouch, cause a girl can never have enough.

After lugging around Sea World my rather large bag, I was kicking myself for not snagging this Rebecca Minkoff 'Craig' Crossbody Camera Bag.  What was I thinking?  Perfect size for the neccessities and chasing after my gaggle.
With my 30th birthday in just a few months {5 to be exact}....I'm on the hunt for the perfect dress.  These two are currently at the top of my list.


And seriously...I need this suit in my life.
xo.  Patience

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