Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!!!!!

In addition to sharing my journey and other wedding things I love, I thought it might be fun to be nosy hear about some of my favorite peeps wedding day!  First up after the proposal post, is one of the most fabulous and stylish ladies I know!!!  Please welcome Kelli!!


Hello White Lacquer lovers! I'm Kelli...1/2 of Bud & Leo.  I'm so honored that Patience asked me to participate in her wedding series! And here's a little inside scoop for you...Patience and I are soon to be cousins. :) She's marrying my husband's fun!

The timing of my post is fitting, since my 1st wedding anniversary is this Sunday. I still can't believe it's been a year!  No doubt the best year of my life and if it's true that the first year is the hardest, then this marriage thing will be a piece of cake!

My wedding was a tad unconventional...well, I guess nothing is really unconventional these days. We got married in Vegas, non-Elvis style, with a group of 50 (immediate family and our bridal party), so my advice will likely be different from most brides. Here goes nothing...

Have it your way!
Burger King isn't the only one who firmly believes in this motto!  This is a day for you and your future hubby, so make sure that it's everything you BOTH want. It's just as much his day as yours, but the two of you are all that matter. EVERYONE will have an opinion, feelings and suggestions, but ultimately it needs to be all about the two of you and the day you've both dreamt about.

We opted for no cake, no dance, very few flowers (only I had a bouquet), and of course...Vegas! Those things weren't important to us and honestly, were things that we were dreading, so we cut them out. Instead, we had a gorgeous ceremony, bused everyone back to the hotel where we all stayed, had dinner on the top floor overlooking The Strip and then bottle service at one of the night clubs. Exactly what we wanted!!

Dress and Pictures...That's All!
I personally think that your dress and pictures are the two most important pieces of the puzzle. They are the things I think you should spend the most on. These were non-negotiable for me, even if we opted for the courthouse. You want to look your best and you want to have AMAZING pictures to remember the biggest day of your life. I also hadn't planned on buying all of the proofs, but ended up doing so in the end. It made more sense and I wanted to have all of the images forever!

Make Time
One of my best memories from my wedding was the day at the spa my husband and I shared prior to our ceremony. It was a chance for us to take some time with just the two of us and keep the importance of the day in perspective. Once it was time to get ready, we went our separate ways. However you decide to do it is up to you, but make sure that you have time set aside for just the two of you. You'll never regret it!

The rest is a piece of cake and will fall into place! Enjoy every minute because it goes so fast!
That's all for me! Thanks again to Patience for having me!



Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to see Kelli and Fefe get hitched....Kagey had just been born, so travelling was out of the question.  I LOVE her take on this special occasion, unconventional is the new conventional all the way!!!  I'm pretty sure we'll be making up our own rules for the big day.  Thank you so much for sharing with us Kelli and if you haven't yet, check out Bud & Leo STAT!!!!




  1. Great post Kelli!!! You look gorgeous in your pictures!!! Excellent advice!!! I love that you did it your way!!! Planning a wedding can be stressful! I had 2 weddings, married to the same person, of course! One was totally traditional to please my family and my vow-renewal (to my husband) was done completely my way for our 5 year anniversary! Maybe I will do a post on it?

  2. I'm so with you on your advice...I think more people need to take the "have it your way" advice, *especially* on such an important event!! Yeah, it was nice to have a bunch of people at our reception, but really, it probably would've been way more memorable and less stressful if we had kept it small and simple and gone somewhere Vegas!!! Loved my wedding day, don't get me wrong! But you definitely live and learn and it's so nice to get advice from people who know! Great post, doll!



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