Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!!!!!

Some how during the shopping extravaganza....we neglected to take a pic of all of us together sans dress...seriously?  Ugh to say the least.  But it was such an amazing memorable time and I wished it could have lasted longer.  Thank you so much to the best girls for sharing that special time with me.

However, while we were at Priscilla of Boston (swoon), I couldn't help but drool over the addition to the dresses of course!

See what I mean?  Kicking myself for not ensuring photos were taken of our surroundings....I found these on their site.  Maybe we were just preoccupied by all the gorgeous dresses, the delish chocolate.....or could it have been the champagne?  Anyhooo, I had the most amazing consultant....Carrie (maybe I can force her to be my bff?), if you live in AZ and are planning to get hitched anytime soon, you should definitely give her a call.

That's about it for this addition....I can't give away too many ruins the surprise!



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