Friday, February 17, 2012

5 things + faulty behavior

Ok, I know we all have faults, yet somehow I like to pretend to be perfect.  Recently everything seems to be on my irritation radar, silly, I know.  Do you ever have days like that?  The littlest thing seems to set me off and I'm having a hard time regaining what little patience I currently possess.  I guess the first step is knowing, and the second would be to get busy making a change.  This weekend calls for some adult time with Joshy Bobby + champagne + raspberries.

 Anyhooo, the weeks seem to be flying by, and somehow I can't seem to find enough time in the day to cross off something on my ever growing to do list.  Eeek.

Can this just be my closet?
Pinned Image

1.  I just picked up these hangers from bed bath & beyond....can't wait to get busy with some spring cleaning in my closet.

2.  Speaking of closets...the one above belongs to Emily from Cupcakes and fav blog, why didn't anyone tell me how amazing it is?  Stalking has commenced.  Wait....Aubrey from all things bright and beautiful might have shared it once?

3.  I'm currently on the hunt for some new flats and sandals in preparation for summer.  I came across these and baby wants em bad.  Especially since with our last baby, my feet grew.  Dang it!

4.  2 of our littles won their schools grade lever for posters they made regarding drug abuse.  So proud of them.  One even used:  Theres no hope, with dope.  Who knows where that came from.  Anyone?  Serious gold star for whoever gets it.

5.  This one is hard to admit....but randomly I came across a home in Washington....where I grew up.  And I kid you not, I look at the pictures once a day.  I'm sick, I know.  I can't help but yearn to be around my family again, enjoy living by the water, and not to mention playing in the snow!  What do you think?




  1. I love those flats. I have a Michael Kors version of them and I wear them all of the time. Also, my husband and I are in the process of house hunting. We looked at this home because I fell in the love with the pictures. The original wood work is beautiful. Lots of other work to be done in the home but it definitely had great things. Cheers!

  2. i always get like that around a special time of the month. tmi? you should make you home now similar to where you grew up. that may help with the nostalgia!



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