Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the kitch....

So our home is constantly changing....especially with purchases and selling/donating items.  We sold our bar stools about 4 months ago....and at first I wasn't too keen on adding any, as I didn't want the space to feel too cluttered.  Since then, I've decided how inconvenient it really is with out them and how much we actually utilized them, especially whilst entertaining.  This is where you come in.  I'm having a really had time deciding...industrial metal vs. glam Hollywood lucite.
This is probably one of my most favorite kitchens of all time.  Especially those amazing hicks pendants.  Unfortunately they aren't in the budget at this time.
These dark floors, bright walls and stools have my heart skipping a beat.
Loving the Wearstler wallpaper, marble waterfall edge {you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.  one day}, and of course those stools!!!
Pinned Image
And then on the other end of the spectrum.....
Seriously, the pendants are ridic amazing.  I'd love to add those to my home also!
Pinned Image
Or these ones with the back might be a little more comfy....if thats even possible with a metal stool.
Pinned Image
I found these Baxton Studio LIANA Acrylic Stool Set of 2 for a pretty decent price on amazon.
And then there is the Cargo Stool from World Market...however they don't have the size I need online...and all the local stores are sold out.  But they said they can attempt to get some in just for me.
I know they are almost total opposites...but I truly can't decide.  Does anyone have lucite/acrylic stools?  We are lucky enough to have a gaggle of 4 children....are the acrylic stools a horrible idea?  Will they hold up?


  1. They are both gorgeous! I'm thinking with the rest of the vintage/Hollywood Regency vibe in your living room, that the lucite would look fabulous so that's got my vote. However, I don't know that I've seen your kitchen (how is this possible?!) so difficult to say. I think you should post pics and set up a vote! :) xxxx

    PS Those gold pendants are making my palms all sweaty. Dear god, they need to get in my house right now!! xxx

  2. I absolutely love these photos! I think it depends on the style of your kitchen, if I had mostly stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and a lot of greenery I would go for the metal. If I had a lot of white, white lacquered glass I would go for the clear :-). Either way both would compliment your home. Good luck!

  3. Yeah, I'd kill for those stools.

  4. you have such a pretty home ♥╭╮♥ i'm so jealous...
    and the pictures look fantastic. i would go for the clear ones... look more classy i think.

    ...aaaand followed :D

  5. Love the metal stools. Something about a more industrail stool and soft kicthen gets me!

  6. Definitely both of them are fabtastic...I lean more towards the lucite, just because it feels more versatile to me...but then again, I'm pretty sure they will show all the little fingerprints from everything and who knows how those hold up. Straight up metal on the other hand, super kiddo friendly and probably pretty close to indestructible, right? (c:

  7. Oh how i miss my clear white stools :))) oh yes and my kitchen.



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