Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review

Good morning sunshine!  I started this blog just about a year ago.  I am beyond thankful for all the people I've met, design inspiration and readers.  I swoon every time I hear from a reader, whether its a comment, email or on FB.  It started out as more of a diary or place to file inspiration, and has evolved into something I really enjoy doing, when I have the time that it!  Hopefully in the new year, time won't be an issue....{who am I kidding, right?}

This year has been huge for our little family, with many exciting milestones for us {an engagement} and our kiddos {Kage learning to walk, Liv and Maddie in gymnastics, and Andre starting tackle football}.  Not to mention some fun crafts and home projects.

In honor of my BBFF, Ange at The Blooming Hydrangea.....I thought I'd share a few of my favorite projects:

Our gray kitchen cabinets {here and here}

Awful photo, I know....I promise I will do a full reveal one day....was hoping to have white subway tile and new counter tops first though.  When I did those posts I was a new blogger, and to be honest, had no idea how to do anything, including photos.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I feel like it was the first room I've done from start to finish and felt complete.  Sure there are things here and there I juxtaposition every now and then.  Even with the older kiddos, there was always a list....yikes!  Note to self, get it together and wrap these projects up.

I know, I know, stripes are pretty popular these days....but I still love mine.  I plan on adding a to this gallery wall this year...and have already thrifted/ordered some items.

I still pinch myself over this one.  How.  Did.  I.  Get.  So.  Lucky?

Who am I kidding, I love the progress in the master, the settee we scored, and my provincial dressing table.

I must say, compared to previous years, I see improvement in myself and the projects we've tackled.  Everything is a learning process, and we are enjoying every minute of it {and laughing at ourselves along the way}.  What can you expect from White Lacquer in 2012, you ask?  A fabulous DIY wedding!!!!  More room reveals, a fun February link party, organization tips {as I undertake our home and ensure everything has a place}, things I wants {my fav}, much more, and lets not forget, family photos!!! {unless you're not into that, let me know, and I'll stop :)}

Thank you Ange for hosting!!!

So excited for this new year!!!!



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  1. That bar cart is amazing! So jealous!

  2. Ah thanks BBFF! I had a great time chatting with you today. You know I love all those projects and the bar cart is my fave as always but the stripes are the reason we met. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings you! Hugs, ange

  3. I hadn't seen your kitchen before - what a difference a bit of paint makes!! I love the grey/white combo. I feel like we have been working on our own kitchen for such a long time now (well, probably because we have), 2012 is the year we WILL finish even if I have to call on some child labour myself ;) lol

    Looking forward to following your journey in 2012 and so happy to find you this year! xxx

  4. What a year that was, girl! That is A LOT to get done...and can I just say how much I stinkin' *LOVE* your headboard??? That thing is amazing. And really, who gets that lucky with a barcart??? Apparently you do, my dear! And it's insanely great (c:



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